My child has Autism and she was diagnosed at 19 months. She has cognitive delays and she is nonverbal. Dr. Houston started working with Kaylee at the age of 2.  She had no communication skills and no sense of danger or fear.  Dr. Houston began a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). This will identify the behaviors that are interfering with her educational progress.  She put a Behavior Invention Plan (BIP) in place. This provides positive reinforcement to promote good behaviors.

Kaylee started seeing an Occupational therapist, to assist with daily living skills working closely with a Speech Therapist as well.  The team together began to overlap in skills to make sure my daughter was getting the skills needed. She began to use sign language (phases) for communication, also use of a communication device.  They provided Kaylee with social interaction with peers. Dr. Houston continued working with Kaylee until Kaylee graduated from preschool.  Kaylee still gets OT and ST and can speak with about 50- 60% recognition.

Extraordinary, no words can describe Dr. Houston better.  I can’t express my gratitude!  Dr. Houston was a major key in Kaylee’s progression. Dr. Houston is a true professional, but has an intuitive spirit that makes her a pure pleasure. Extraordinary, no words can describe Dr. Houston better.  Her resources, advice, knowledge and encouragement are immeasurable. I highly recommend Dr. Houston services! She has been heaven sent to my family!

— Alisa Tate