In 2011 my family and I began to notice that my beautiful baby boy was not really connecting to or engaging with the world around him.  By the time Landan was turning two he was not verbal, so even with the promise from my pediatrician that boys are late bloomers and “give it some time, he’ll some around,” our concerns led us to get his hearing tested.  We prayed that the test would reveal there was a small fixable issue with his hearing and once repaired Landan would start talking and connecting to his world, but the test uncovered the possibility that Landan maybe Autistic. More>

— Michelle Brown (Mother), Jean Burroughs (Great-grandmother) and Candace Banks (Aunt)


My child has Autism and she was diagnosed at 19 months. She has cognitive delays and she is nonverbal. Dr. Houston started working with Kaylee at the age of 2.  She had no communication skills and no sense of danger or fear.  Dr. Houston began a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). This will identify the behaviors that are interfering with her educational progress.  She put a Behavior Invention Plan (BIP) in place. This provides positive reinforcement to promote good behaviors. More>

— Alisa Tate


I came to know Dr. Felicia Houston during my tenure at Glenwood Autism & Behavioral Health Center. Dr. Houston demonstrated a strong commitment to identify, diagnose, and treat children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  As her employee for 10 plus years, I had the opportunity to see her in the role of not only supervisor, but as a teacher and role model.  I was inspired by her “down to earth” personality, as she was very easy to talk to. More>

— Mary H. Gunn


The services provided by Dr. Houston over the years have made a tremendous difference for our family. Amanda was four years old when she began undergoing the summer program under Dr. Houston's direction. This afforded Amanda the opportunity to have structured classes with well qualified teachers, as well as experience fun activities on and off campus. We have seen great growth and progress from Amanda thanks to Dr. Houston and her staff. She has blessed us both professionally and personally.

— The Andrews Family